OSU Trombones Perform at 2023 Trombonanza Festival in Argentina

OSU Trombones Perform at 2023 Trombonanza Festival in Argentina

The 2023 Trombonanza Festival was held July 31 – August 5, in Santa Fe, Argentina.  This was the 22nd edition of Trombonanza, and we were very fortunate to have 11 current and two former OSU Trombone Studio members participate in this incredible event!  This year’s event featured guest artists Doug Beavers, Jorginho Neto, Jorge Urani, Heini Schneebeli, Carlos Ovejero, Rubén Carughi, Ximo Vicedo, Javier Yera, Jason Hausback, Matias Bisulca, Fabio Carmo, Chris van Hof, Lelio Alves, Jemmie Robertson, Miguel Rivera, Diego Ramirez, Paul Compton, Marcus Botelho, Damián Stepaniuk, Hugo Migliori, Albert Khattar, Richard Alonso, and Vasile Babusceac.

The OSU Trombone Ensemble performed a full concert on Monday, July 31.

The Program

  • Awakening by Ethan Do (premiere)
  • Trombone Quartet No. 1 by Saskia Apon (EF4 Trombone Quartet)
  • Heartland by Michael Davis
  • Capriccio for Solo Bass Trombone and Six Trombones by Steven Verhelst (Dylan Halliday, solo bass trombone)
  • Toccata and Fugue in D minor by J.S Bach, arr. by Adrian Taylor (EF4 Trombone Quartet)
  • Death Hunt from On Dangerous Ground by Bernard Hermann, arr. by Joseph T. Spaniola
  • Ordner Seg (It’ll Be Alright) by Øystein Baadsvik, arr. by Joseph T. Spaniola

The Performers

  • Ethan Do, trombone
  • Alex Harrison, trombone
  • Jimmy Dorsaint, trombone
  • Colton Wilson, trombone
  • Caleb Gammill, trombone
  • Jonathan Hanna, trombone
  • Mason Trent, trombone
  • Jeremy Black, trombone
  • Dylan Halliday, bass trombone
  • Christa Naber, bass trombone
  • Victor Cruz, bass trombone
  • Elizabeth Toles, bass trombone
  • Jordan Davenport, bass trombone

Members of the OSU Trombone Studio won four competitions. Ethan Do won the Tenor Trombone Concerto Competition, and Christa Naber won the Bass Trombone Concerto Competition.  Ethan and Christa performed their concertos with the Santa Fe Youth Symphony Orchestra.  Ethan Do won the Tenor Trombone Orchestra Audition, and Dylan Halliday won the Bass Trombone Orchestra Audition.  They performed a concert as members of the Santa Fe Symphony Orchestra.  In addition, 11 of the students were selected by audition to participate in the premiere participant trombone ensemble, placing them among the top 20 of 80 auditions.

Trombonanza was an incredible week of warm-up classes, technique classes, solo repertoire classes, orchestral repertoire classes, chamber music, trombone ensemble, and much more!  We can’t wait to go back! Thank you to our Rubén Carughi and Heini Schneebeli for the invitation, and to everyone who helped fund the student travel.